|Mid Summer| 

|Mid Summer|

Let the sun kiss your green feathers

Gleaming joyfully, diving on daisies under,

The cotton looped clouds precisely crafted

Not to rain, but appeal as your backdrop;

Why do you reminisce the dull grains of dust

Clothing you from seasons past;

You are a part of divine, green, brown

And catkin white,

Spread your leaves, let go of pattern

Welcome the Mid Summer with a sway and pride.



Ancient Indian Sculpture – Visual Poetry (1 min Read)

Visual Poetry

On my trip to Bhojpur, the ancient Shiv temple is said to be built from the time of Pandavas. This piece of carved rock showing probably a mudra in lotus (padmasana) posture is a part of the temple that broke and has been kept on the rocks near by. It speaks of ancient culture, style, design, ideas and so much more. There were so many pieces of ancient Indian sculpture that is a poetry in motion building upon billions of years.
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|Open Letter To Strong People| 

Image Credit : Pixabay

|Open Letter To Strong People| 

 Dear Strong People,

We want to thank you for never giving up and becoming an inspiration for the trying ones. Your presence has been felt in our ordinary lives. From our family, to neighbours, our friends from school to friends found on Facebook & Instagram, to acquaintances met on public transport. Your stories as fighters in every mundane activities have raised a torch of hope in someone’s heart. We don’t know what you have gone through past all these years, but that you have fought your battle and are still breathing strong with your feet solid on the ground is a proof that you are no less than a Hero.

We are thankful to all the strong people who have wiped off their tears a minute ago and managed to smile or take on responsibility for their family. We know it is not easy. Getting up for a new day is not easy. Things change, people change, circumstances change, but we are here to let you know that your efforts are giving a new life to someone on this earth.

We are raising a medal around your neck to honor your presence in our life. Please continue to be stronger, a fighter and a non quitter. In the hope that your story is influencing someone somewhere.

Yours Sincerely,

The Trying Ones. 



Her eyes.

Heavy with eons of self sabotage. To put them before herself every second.

Perhaps, her love so deep, raw and unleashed caught her in the dungeon of howling voices,

Her eyes burdened with the illusion of perfection-

Have now shut.

She is in deep slumber,

Only to rise with Love

To conquer her own demons.

SA Ruminations

She bends so that she doesn’t break

~The Chase~

I came across this post few days back, and I really liked it. So Re-blogging this from it’s original Author Nicolemoncada. Thanks Nicole, for allowing me to share this wonderful post! 🙂

Bipolar Tapestry~Poetic Thoughts

I’m not gonna chase you not anymore, I’m no longer praying you will Want to walk through My door to stay with me forever more ~

I’m not gonna chase you ,It’s not worth fight Or even the plight I see you now clearly in the light You will no longer invade my mind in the day and the night~

I’m not gonna chase you hoping you’ll see the precious amazing Thing that is me, you’re ignorant can’t you see, oh yeah that’s right you can’t see what is the magic the beauty of me~

I’m not gonna chase you it’s not needed, if this was real because if you felt as I felt you would feel as I feel~

I’m not gonna chase not anyone anymore I’m not gonna be some part time whore trust in this I’m worth much oh so much more

I’m not gonna chase you…

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Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist & What It Is Teaching Me

Image Credit: Pixabay

The Alchemist & What it is Teaching me.

We are aware of the famous Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. The book that changed perspectives of many readers and dream seekers.

I am one of them too.

I am reading The Alchemist currently; and for the third time. Everytime I read it, it has foregrounded some new aspects. Almost as if, hidden secrets are popping up. Secrets that I didn’t understand earlier or wasn’t destined to face them at that time. “Maktub” as Santiago and the Arabs believed.

I want to highlight One lesson I am getting to learn right now through this spectacular book. And, it is the very prominent “Language of the World.”

I had read about the Law of AttractionThe SecretEsther & Jerry Hicks’ Ask and It Is Given way back. Then it was very interesting. A new profound way. And after all these years of trials and errors of life, I was becoming lost. As if, I did not have any more control over shaping my destiny.

And, then one day after randomly watching Oprah’s youtube channel where she was interviewing Paulo Coelho, I was nudged in a mysterious way to read “The Alchemist” again. My logical mind said “You have already read it. You know what happens in the end. What joy can it bring anymore?”

But the nudge was stronger to “Go on still…read it again.”

I am almost towards the end of the book and I was gradually perusing the last pages when I came across some information regarding “Joining the Publisher’s reading club online.” Again I felt a nudge or an attraction to join it. I let the silence in and around me pull me towards whatever I was experiencing ordinarily. So, I subscribed on their website and I suddenly saw a tab “Careers” written there.

I have been looking for work from many years. After many unsuccessful attempts I just let it all go. And I have been enjoying my “present” moment. But I let the “Language of the World” to guide whenever it tried to.

I found very similar profiles to the kind of job I was looking and I applied at once. It was smooth and hassle free. It’s a bit strange since everytime I try to apply somewhere, either the internet acts erratic or my files get weird.

I received an interview session email today from them..

I guess there’s not much to say here. Let all of our soul do the talking here and experience the Language of the World and follow the Omens.

So, don’t give up. Wherever you are in life right now. You are here for a reason. And it will be revealed at the right time.


SA Ruminations

|To Love You|

Image Credit: Pixabay

I have often felt your love for me
In the rustling of Sycamore trees,
And whisper of night breeze.

And, i have not felt a bit strange
To love you,
because i know you are here somewhere breathing the same breath as me,
Away from my conscious knowing.

SA Ruminations

|Scandals & Sins|

Image Credit: Pixabay

|Scandals & Sins|

Your fingers dipped in ink

blotched me. Half my heart.

Half my mind.

The deep blue stain of your words

are still embedded on those pages.

Pages of my trust, honesty, liberty and of course, Love.

The pages are inked with your Sins,

Right from “Scandals of ‘87”, “Role Snatcher of Millennium” to the “Decline of the Poisonous Snake.”

You have spilled it all with your recreated inks. Inks that have no integrity. Or honesty. Today is the day, when the last drop of  your life is withering like a worm. And those pages of your glory will be buried with you.

Here I will start again –

To spill my honest ink of Scandals & Sins.

With every glamor, high heels and red carpet paparazzi came a price. She paid the price. With conspired defames and dishonest allegations. And, there was him, the ecstatic editor. Alluring with his words. The mighty sword, slit her precious years cunningly. Caged her in the princely Love, suffocating and smothering her life to mere dust. 

But, she is a Phoenix! She will rise. This time for the right reasons, washing away her conspired scandals. To a new page, with a fresh ink. 

SA Ruminations

Mini Storybook #2: Boulevard St. 

Image Credit: Pixabay

Boulevard St.

Tom hated the conversation he just had with his parents and rushed towards the lanes of pink bloomed society with speed. Tears overflowing, he found his spot at the Boulevard Street Park. 

His eyes wandering the green lush trees around reminded him of the times when he was popular in school. He was vibrant, happier, energetic and full of life. He was named “The A One.” He was the best in school. His parents were the best in Boulevard St. Everything around them were blooming bright and shiny.

But, nothing blooms all year. George moved in with his parents last summer and ever since he has outperformed Tom in most activities. Tom has been feeling the pressure to maintain his position and consistency to prove he is the best and the most intelligent.

“You are responsible for this. If you had devoted enough time for your son, he would’ve never deteriorated.” Tom’s mother yelled at David, Tom’s father.

“So, now it’s my fault that his performance is unlike before? Does that make him less intelligent?” David replied to Mira.

The raging top of the voices argument flashed fresh in the mind of Tom as he tried to relax at his spot. He abhorred himself for being the reason for such commotion at home. He did not know how to compete anymore with George.


It was George’s 9th birthday, and he had invited Tom to his party. Excited, they planned a hide and seek game on George’s house roof. While the game was on and George’s friends dropped in one by one, Tom felt a sudden surge of envy and discomfort. Everyone liked George more. They were once Tom’s friends and now George was their favorite.

“Hey Tom! How are you?” Nick interrupted his flow of envy filled thoughts.

“Why do you care?” Tom bluntly replied.

“What’s the matter? You have become so weird. Well, it’s obvious why you are standing here alone and everyone is around George now.” Nick taunted.

Tom was angry. Really frustrated with the constant comparison he was experiencing with George. First back at home with his parents and now his friends.

Tom ran away behind the garden bush and started panting heavily. He was furious at George’s existence.

“If George did not exist here, I would still be “The A One”, my friends would stick around me and my parents would not argue relentlessly over me being incompetent. I have deteriorated because of George. It is him. He is the culprit.” Tom yelled in his mind and rushed outside the bush.

The kids were about to restart their hide and seek, where George was the one to seek this time.

All the other kids selected their places to hide when Tom stood behind George.

“You need to hide Tom.” George laughed.

“No, you need to hide! You need to go away from my life.” Tom’s face was red and warm. Eyes brimming with anger and hate.

Before George could ask further, Tom pushed George past the ledge he stood to count.

The sudden sound of thud blotched an unforgettable mark on the lanes of Boulevard St.


Tom is in juvenile custody. His parents regretting their behavior towards Tom.

And, George is not alive anymore to walk among the pink bloomed society of Boulevard St.

SA Ruminations

Mini Storybook #1:  Nest Of Depression.

Nest Of Depression

……and he looked through the tinted glass window. Nothing had changed outside his comfort zone. The tree stood still. Children held hands every evening bursting into a cacophonous rhythm. The roads forked into lanes, street signs glowed in neon. Morning dew wore the blades of green persistently. The Sun, the Moon, the clouds…even the raindrops trickled down the window glass in a consistent pattern. Everything remain unchanged.

The only world that changed was within him. The world in him was getting engulfed like quicksand. He wanted to open the door and take his first step into the “Uncomfortable.” But he couldn’t. It was still in the quicksand.

So he stayed. Stayed back with solace

in his “Nest of Depression.”

SA Ruminations